What Makes TSS Different


The business world knows that the best defense against a crime is to take steps to prevent it from happening in the first place.

The fireman can put out the fires; the Security Officer tries to prevent the fire before it begins.

The EMT’s can assist the injured; the Security Officers attempts to prevent the injury before it happens.


 The Police can take a burglar to jail; the Security Officer attempts to prevent the burglary from happening.  

The primary duty of a Security Officer is to act as a deterrent and to be the “eyes and ears” for the client and to report any type of activity that you feel is suspicious, inappropriate, unlawful or against the client’s company policy and/or rules. 


TSS Officers are:

  • Professionally Licensed by the Georgia Boards of Private Detectives & Security Agencies
  • Professionally Trained Officers
  • Neat & Professional Appearance
  • 25 years + of Private Security Experience
  • All Officers Required to Attend Regular Training Sessions
  • Utilizing only the Best in the Security Profession
  • Success is the Only Option