Tribute to Officer R.L. Peacock, Sr

This page is dedicated to my late “Pop”, Richard Louis Peacock, Sr. who was a career Atlanta Police Officer and fully responsible for my interest, experience and early training in the Private Security field.

Pop joined the Atlanta Police Department in 1949 and as you could imagine “had some stories to tell”. Pop was honored to wear APD’s badge #6 and served over half of his career on the Motor squad.  Pop never was the supervisory type and never wanted to climb the political or management chain, therefore he retired as a “silver badge” or as some call it “slick sleeve”.

Pop technically retired from active duty in 1976 but maintained his POST certification and training in order to continue the ability to serve as an Atlanta Police Officer.  Pop worked for establishments such as SunTrust Bank (then Trust Company), WSB TV, Piedmont Driving Club, Coach & Six, Equifax, Alcoa, Rivera Hotel, Nations Bank, Georgia Power, Bank of America and many more.  Pop was also part of the APD force to work the 1996 Olympic Games held in Atlanta.

In 1998, after several minor strokes, Pop was forced to hang up his gun belt for good and unfortunately his health began to take a turn for the worst.  Being a Police Officer was his life and he knew nothing else, after all, he had been a police officer for 49 years! (27 years full time w/ City of Atlanta then an additional 22 years as a Reserve Retired Atlanta Police Officer). Soon after this, the terrible disease of Alzheimer’s set in and things progressively got worse over the years until finally on February 15, 2008, Pop just couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go work traffic in heaven at the age of 84.

These pictures and videos are just a few memories of Pop so that those who may not have known him quite so well can always remember him. I want everyone to know that Pop will always be a part of the company that he was responsible for, yet never fully knew it because of the terrible effects of Alzheimer’s.

We’ll miss you Pop…

Joel Peacock,
Tactical Security Solutions, LLC


 Atlanta Police Department 

Motor Squad - 1950's


Photo personalized by Pop to Mom when they started dating in 1951 which says "To Margie all my Love, Louis"


Atlanta Police Department 

Motor Squad - early 1960's


 Atlanta Police Department 

Motor Squad - late 1960's


Atlanta Police Department

Officer Directory Photo - 1970's


Pop doing what he did best.... 

Working traffic details in Atlanta


The start of Joel's security career in 1990.  Employed by Metroplex Security and privileged to work along side Pop at 

Wieuca Rd. Baptist Church


Enjoying life as an Atlanta Police Officer 

Working "part time" jobs.


Mom & Pop just after a flag dedication ceremony Pop participated in at 

their church in 2001


Pop's issued APD badge for the

1996 Centennial Olympic Games held in Atlanta, GA


APD's Badge #6

Today, APD badge numbers 

are 4 and 5 digits


Joel and Pop at an 

Alzheimer's Benefit Memory Walk 

only a few months before Pop passed.

1980's Channel 11 WXIA 6:00 News Special 

"Georgia People"

1980's Channel 2 WSB 6:00 News Special

"Michael Jackson & APD White Gloves"

2008 - Pop's Memorial Service

APD Motor Squad Comments and Escort