Want to join the TSS Team?

 Dear Potential Team Member:

Thank you for your interest in working with Tactical Security Solutions, LLC (TSS).  Below is vital information regarding the mission of TSS and what is expected of its officers.

  • TSS is licensed by the State of Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies and is bound by its rules and regulations and also by the State of Georgia laws related to Private Detective and Security Agencies.  For this reason, TSS must take extra precautions in the evaluation of officers and persons related to the operation of TSS.  Please understand the application process is required by the State of Georgia and also required to ensure the safety and professionalism of the TSS reputation.  If there is any question on the attached application that you are not comfortable answering, TSS may not be the company you wish to be employed by.  TSS does ensure that all information on the application is kept confidential and will not in any way be made available to other officers and or to its clients.   All TSS employees will be required to complete a background check clear of any felons along with a clean drug test.  TSS is a drug free agency.

  • TSS prides itself in its neat and professional appearance.  The professional appearance and complete uniform look is essential to the reputation of TSS and its officers.  At any time while working as a TSS employee, it is expected that the appearance of the officer be as if you were on duty.  This applies to ALL times you are wearing anything related to TSS which includes to and from work, stops or meals.  If you are in uniform, a neat professional appearance is mandatory.  A  sloppy or unprofessional appearance is not acceptable at any time

  • After the completion of your application and background review, and if you agree to the terms of employment as an officer of TSS, you will be allowed to work as an unarmed security officer immediately upon assignment.  The use of ECD's (electronic control devices), OC/pepper spray, etc. does not require a state license and can be used while on duty, however, training in the proper use of such equipment is required.  If you wish to enhance your career as a security professional, TSS will assist you in completion of your state license as an armed security officer.  This process typically takes 8-10 weeks after the appropriate training and firearms qualification has been completed.  This process is at the expense of the employee.  Completion of the attached application IS NOT your state license as an armed security officer.  A probate court firearms permit (carry permit) does not apply when working as a security professional.  The probate court license is for use as a private citizen of the State of Georgia and does not license you as an Armed Security Officer.

If you feel you are still interested in joining the TSS Team, click here for the on-line application – http://tinyurl.com/n5ejzhg

Thank You for your interest in employment with TSS.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at info@TssPatrol.com