About Us

 A successful security agency and/or officer is one that can provide the clients with a positive and courteous attitude. However, at the same time, that should not affect their performance on a job, and they should still be able to provide the services requested by the client. The most effective tool in the security industry is the “impression and attitude” the officer gives to the clients and/or subjects being dealt with, along with the completion and success of the job. 

 Tactical Security Solutions, LLC (TSS) is a private security agency that reaches to clients for customized security solutions in and around the Metro Atlanta area. TSS, is professionally licensed and fully bonded by the Georgia Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies PSC001784), and stands above the rest of the security providers of Atlanta because of the professionalism that has been proven by its officers and results of their actions.  We strive to provide the services and results that many other security companies can only imagine doing. 

 By using only the very best in the private security sector, along with off duty Police Officers and Sheriff’s Deputies, Tactical Security Solutions provides each client with the solutions to each and every security concern that may arise in today’s world. Along with a positive and confident attitude, the client will receive the officer’s undivided attention for the time-span of the detail. Also, unlike a typical sloppy security guard dressed in a mere t-shirt and blue jeans, every one of our TSS officers will obtain much more respect by being fully dressed in TSS uniform, along with all the proper tools that are necessary for the job.

By contacting TSS, you are expecting nothing shy of the very best.